About Heartify

Mission Statement

Heartify is a non-profit organization dedicated to simplify giving by providing an easy way for people to find and support their favorite causes.

Why we exist

The traditional way of supporting a cause is time consuming, you have to educate yourself of which cause or causes you would like to support. Surfing the web or talking to representants from a few organizations on the street. Then you have to fill in paperwork or find the causes' websites and donate from there to each and every one. Most people who donate, only gives to one organization, even if they care about several causes.

What we believe in

We believe individuals care about lots of thing and that giving should be simple. By totallt disrupting the giving industry with a free, simple and secure way for people to donate any amount to one or several causes in one place, Heartify.org.

A Breif Introduction

Heartify is a non-profit orgnization based in Sweden, distrupting the way people give by proving a more efficient way to find and donate to exactly the causes/causes each individual or company care about.

With Heartify, you can donate any amount, either by doing a one-time donation or a monthly recurring donation, to one or several causes. We have many causes already, and is constantly adding more, both the big international ones, but also local causes if you want to donate to causes near you.

Heartify is, and will always be free to use. We take no commission or administration fees. Since we are a non-profit organization ourselves, we kindly ask our users to include Heartify as one of their causes when making their donations using Heartify. To help us maintain and improve this awesome platform and also to spread awareness of the causes on the site. So by donating to Heartify you both improve the platform and get more cool features and new causes to donate to, but also get more people around the world to start giving money to their causes.

Heartify is also working on getting more people to start giving.

Donate to all your favorite causes in one donation

Do you care about more than one thing in the whole wide world? Maybe supporting just one cause isn't enough for you? Then you should donate using Heartify!

With Heartify, you can donate any amount you want, with a one-time or monthly donation to one, or several causes.

Using Heartify is, and will always be free to use and we take no comissions of your donations.

Simple & secure donations

Heartify is working with Stripe.com, a world leader in secure payments, to provide a world-class secure online donation system.

What do you care about?

You can already find the largest and most trending causes here on Heartify. Read about the organizations and charities before you donate to make sure your donation goes to exactly what you care about.

If you like a cause, just click "Add to my causes" to include the cause to your portfolio of which your donations will be divided equally between.

Make the world a better place!

We would greatly appreciate if you could help us spread the word about Heartify.

Please share Heartify using the social media sharing-buttons on the frontpage. Or why not share your most recent donation with your friends, to encourage them to do the same.

And why not tell your family and friends about us when you meet them?