Heartify strives to share the inner-workings of our organization openly. We will represent our intentions honestly to the donors using our website, so they can share their generosity in a safe and trustworthy environment.

Each and every one of the organization you can donate to using Heartify have been provided with their own back-end page (if you have an organization listed in the list of causes and have not got login details, pleae contact us) and is able to, in real time, see much have been donated to them.

We believe in building trust through transparency.


Zero administration fees
There are no administration fees when donating via Heartify. Our only income source is donations when user's choose Heartify as one of their causes.

Money handeling
When a donation has been made, we keep track of all causes in that donation, how much has been donated and which causes the donation should be divided between. Then we make a transfer to each cause after each money if we have more than USD 100 collected to that cause, if not, we continue to collect money for that cause and transfer the money to the cause as soon as we have collected USD 100 and it is a new month.

How we are financed

Heartify accepts no funding from the charities that we list as causes on our website, ensuring that out listings remain objective. As such Heartify does not have any affiliation with the causes listed on our website, we purely function as an intermediary and distribute your donation to the selected organisations.

Furthermore, in our commitment to help the philanthropists of all levels to make informed donations/social investment decisions, we decline to charge our users for their donations. As a result, Heartify, a non-profit organization itself, depends on support from individuals, corporations and foundations that believe we provide a much-needed service. Please support Heartify now so we can continue to help, improve and expand our services.

What your donation is used for

Improving the donation platorm
To provide a great experience when browsing and reading about all the causes and suggesting the one you are most likely to like, we are constantly improving the donation platform and have a bunch of great changes on the roadmap.

Finding more causes
We have many causes already, and is constantly adding more, both the big international ones, but also local causes if you want to donate to causes near you.

Getting more people to start giving
Now, when Heartify exists and it is super simple to give and support. We want to reach out and get new people to start giving and supporting their causes.

Other costs
Here are the costs to keep us going. In this category is costs for; doman name, servers, accounting etc.

No salaries
The people involved in Heartify are currently working for free, so at this time, we have no costs for salaries.