Emmanuel Frimpong Reacts Against Racism in Russia

Emmanuel Frimpong sent off for reacting to racist abuse

Disgusting. And not backed up by his own club? Imagine what the 2018 World Cup is going to be like? Get this shared, shame them!(Via AJ+)

Posted by YNFA on Wednesday, July 22, 2015

The former Arsenal player Emmanuel Frimpong suspended for two games after reacting to a fan making racial "money noises" towards him.

Ghana's Emmanuel Frimpong responded to the racial abuse by flipping them the bird and swearing at them. The incident occurred during the opening match between Spartak Moscow and Ufa in the Russian Premier League. Frimpong received a straight red card after the gestured with a finger towards the Spartak stands.[1][2]

Frimpong made a tweet on Twitter with some concerns about the upcoming World Cup in Russia

Disciplinary Committee found no evidence of racism

The Russian Football Union (RFU) Disciplinary Committee stated on Wednesday that they found no evidence of racism after Frimpong claimed he was subject to monkey chants last Friday.[1]

"The match inspector and the match delegate did not note that there had been any disciplinary violations by Spartak supporters towards Frimpong in the match reports. There were no instances of racism. We have no grounds to take disciplinary sanctions against Spartak. Frimpong has been banned for two games for the offensive gesture he displayed towards the stands."

Artur Grigoryants, head of the Disciplinary Committee[1]

Frimpong did not receive any support from his club either

"What Frimpong did was wrong. Sometimes you have to hold back the tears and just put up with it."

UFA General Director Shamil Gazizov

Not the first time

Three other black players have been punished for between two and four games since 2013 for insulting gestures in reaction to racist abuse in the Russian league according to Sky Sports.[2]

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[2] http://www.skysports.com/football/news/11095/9916619/ex-arsenal-player-emmanuel-frimpong-faces-a-lengthy-ban-in-russia


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